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About Us

#Sustainability #Upcycling #Food #Ingredients #GutHealth 

Welcome to WellSpent Upcycling! (A Sustainability Enterprise Arm of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy)

We upcycle Spent ingredients (side streams) usually discarded in large quantities from food factories that are rich in proteins, fibres, antioxidants, and minerals.

Today science has validated that our gut is our 2nd brain, so having a Happy Gut promotes wellness in our body and our brain. 

Do you want a healthy gut? Start with WellSpent today!


Un-waste what's Good - for ourselves and the world we live in. 

We are the creators of sustainable and innovative food products and solutions that are derived from spent ingredients.

By upcycling discarded food parts that are rich in nutrition, we bring food that not only taste great, but are also good for the gut and extremely kind to the planet we all live in.

Beyond connecting with businesses to provide spent solutions, innovation in labs and facilitate spent exchange, we are also serving consumers with our packaged snacks, retail concepts and other food products.

So feel good by choosing what’s best for you and our earth, choose WellSpent.